Digital signage: interactive advertising is a conversation with the customer Ideally, advertising should be like the beginning of an interesting conversation," argued the eccentric father of interactive advertising, Howard Gossage, in the 1960s. This man was the founder, rebel and innovator of advertising and was able to spot trends in communication up to half a century ahead.
Interactive advertising In 2019, passengers of the Shanghai metro could experience an interesting and revolutionary concept in advertising. Nescafe was marketing a new line of bottled cold brew coffee with a simple yet fun 2D video game projected onto the wall. A person could come up to the wall, a nearby camera captured their movements and by moving from side to side, they could control the Cold Brew coffee bottle on the digital screen and fill it with drops of coffee.
It’s July in London. If you’ve ever experienced the British Summer, then you know of its unpredictable and fickle weather. It’s Saturday, lunchtime, and the sun is up, a pleasant 25 degrees Celsius. You look up and notice a billboard with a Google search bar filled in with “Next bus to London Fields”, and it gives you a great suggestion - why not spend the sunny day in the park? 
Recent studies from August 2020 by OAAA Nielsen show that digital out-of-home (DOOH) media show a high degree of engagement and are a strong trigger in the customer's purchasing process. In fact, the survey confirmed that customers who intercept a message through DOOH are more likely to visit a point of sale and even up to 80% of them make a purchase.
Outdoor advertising, also called Out of Home or OOH - is one of the most attractive media in the world. Unlike print advertising, it is a medium that has more charisma. And we believe that even online will not override "classic" OOH advertising in the future. There are many factors that seem to threaten OOH formats at first glance. Outdoor advertising is more difficult to quantify and is still the subject of relentless speculation about its topicality.

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