Welcome to our world. We have been in business for four years, which has been enough time to expand into three countries.

We draw on our experience of working with more than 50 shopping centres. Their number in our portfolio makes us the leader in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We don't need long history as that is not a priority in the digital world.
TapGest uses artificial intelligence, with which you can stay ahead of the curve.

We know how to engage customers and how to retain them. We manage their buying behavior by product type or brand. We can do what flyers and posters never can - bring your shopping centre to life. We are evolving, continuously looking for new solutions and technology.

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Nákupní a obchodní centra


Today’s shopping malls are places where people do not only shop: they look for entertainment, relaxation, food and often meet friends. They find all under one roof. Experience is thus becoming a key role of shopping centres. Therefore, from a sales and marketing perspective, it is great to interact with people in shopping malls, where they increase brand contact and are also ready to buy. Our offer covers all the needs of modern shopping centres: from general information, to an online store catalogue, to entertainment marketing combined with data collection about the target group.


Samosprávy a obce

Local government
and municipalities

Our touch screens are an excellent tool for communicating with residents: all new information available whenever needed on outdoor or indoor screens. Infoboards are the perfect replacement for informers or noticeboards and can help you find your way around the offices.




Time is precious when visiting hospitals and medical facilities. Orientation must be immediate and quick. Outdoor and indoor touch screens are ideal orientation tools. With customized software, they can also help with face mask detection in the current situation. The surface of all our devices is easy to sanitise and clean.


Business centra


Today, modern Business centres stand out not only for their cutting-edge architecture, but also for the digitalisation of communication. Our hardware is now standard equipment for centres that need to communicate quickly and accurately, and most importantly, up to date. Take your pick: outdoor or indoor touchscreens? infopults or LED wall maunted screens?


Digital out of home

out of home

Manage your digital OOH network quickly and efficiently: our software makes it easy to remotely manage, plan and edit the advertising content on your screens. Our app is accessible not only from a laptop, but also from a smartphone. Reports included. With our software you will not only manage your new devices, but also your existing digital OOH. Manage your digital OOH network quickly and efficiently.


Improve your communication
with your customers