Shopping Malls

Interactive maps are an integral part of any modern shopping center. Our maps are always one step ahead of your competition as visitors can easily switch the route from the digital screen to their mobile phone, which helps themnavigate the sometimes difficult path to their desired store.

We arrive and map out the shopping center.

Our team comes to your shopping center and maps out the place, figuring out the best strategy tothe digitalization of your venue.

The print advertisement stands will bereplaced with screens hanging from posts

Conventional print advertisements are taken down and in their place we hang ourscreens that you can control remotely via your phone or PC.

We replace print maps with digital map kiosks

Any kind of existing print maps are done away with, replaced by a digital interface from which users can download a map into their phone.

Large posters will be replaced with large LED boards that are guaranteed to draw more attention.

Print posters are replaced with LED boards that can display animations and videos whichhave been scientifically-proven to attract more attention from passers-by. We can supply all of our items in the form of CAPEX (sale) or OPEX (rental)