Retail Stores

Interactive shop windows are an integral part of any modern store. TapGest makes use of artificial intelligence to digitalize on-location marketing while simultaneously improving the user experience of your visiting customers.

We arrive and arrive the layout of the retail store.

Our team comes to your store and maps out the place, figuring out the best strategy to the digitalization of your venue.

Flyers are exchanged for screens.

Conventional print advertisements are taken down and in their place we hang our screens that you can control remotely via your phone or PC.

Old payment system is replaced with modern solution

Classic payment system is replaced by a paperless digital interface with or without face verification.

Shop windows undergo digitalization and are connected into the store’snetwork.

Shop windows are similarly digitalized, allowing you to display any kind of image, animation or video you want, changing it easily with the use of your mobile device vor PC.

Large posters on a building arereplaced with large LED boards which draw more attention.

Print posters on a building are replaced with LEDboards that can display animations and videoswhich have been scientifically-proven to attract more attention from passers-by.