Why go digital?

Digital screens present an upgrade over conventional print ads. The screens support not only static images, but
also moving animations and videos, which have been scientifically proven to attract
more attention than conventional print ads.

Digitalization of physical advertisement

We also perform limited volume replacement of print advertisement boards with cutting edge and environmentally-friendly digital screens that use our innovative technology. Changing the displayed content is quick and easy, taking less than a minute and can be performed using only your mobile phone or computer.

Camera analytics

Our smart screens use cameras to cover the area in front of the screen and analyze the demographics of passers-by. Our built-in artificial intelligence evaluates other factors such as the time of the day and current weather conditions in order to deliver the right kind of visual content..

Target audiences and lead them to your store

Content on the screens can be changed to target customers based on specific demographics,time of the day or the current weather. In addition to this system for displaying content, we also include interactive maps with navigation and information about the building and its tenants.

Interactive content

Digital screens offer customers the option of interacting with them, which many will find useful if they need to locate a type of store, a particular brand or the restaurant area. Asides from maps, content can be designed to be interactive in other ways that provide useful information. Visiting customers can also connect their own mobile devices to the digital screens and download information that improves their experience.